The Weight of the Waitlist

The Weight of the Waitlist

If your child has been put on the waitlist for their college of choice, you know the ache of watching them struggle under the weight of it.  The feeling of being in limbo can be hard to bear, and it’s difficult to know what to do next. Although the waitlist isn’t a closed door, it […]

To Test or Not To Test?

To Test or Not To Test

One of the less visible changes that the 2020 pandemic brought us was the shift to “test optional” policies at many schools across the US.  Nearly 2,000 schools have now instituted this policy based not only on the lack of ability to test during lockdown, but on research showing standardized test scores do not offer […]

Podcast: How to Achieve an Academic Turnaround

How to Achieve an Academic Turnaround

Meet Liz – one of Signet’s rockstar academic coaches. In today’s episode, Liz shares her approach to coaching, what kinds of challenges coaching can help with, and how to tell if your child is ready for coaching or not. Learn about how a coach puts students at the center of identifying and solving their own […]

Standardized Test Taking Strategies

Discover helpful test taking strategies for the SAT, ACT, and AP exams that can build students’ confidence and boost their overall performance.

10 Tips to Ace the SAT and ACT

Is it standardized testing time for your student? Here are ten tips for getting students on the road to acing the SAT or ACT.

Is Test Anxiety Holding Your Student Back?

Is Test Anxiety Holding Your Student Back?

Does your child freeze, fumble, or flip out when confronted with high-stakes testing? They may be experiencing test anxiety. Learn how to help them prepare for testing.

8 Secrets to Studying Spanish

If your student is struggling in Spanish class or just wants to have a better language-learning experience, we’ve got you covered. Here are our secret weapons for studying Spanish (and other languages too!)

Signet’s Guide to Successful Studying

Good study habits are so important, yet students are often not taught how to study effectively. In this guide, we outline our recommended steps for academic success.

Do You Have Test Anxiety?

Test anxiety can negatively impact your performance–our tips will help you manage and prevent anxiety around exams.

Study Like a Valedictorian

What is the best approach to studying effectively? Read on to learn best practices from our very own top-notch tutors!

Your Ultimate Junior Year Test Prep Plan

Your Ultimate Junior Year Test Prep Plan

Here’s a secret: test prep doesn’t have to be unpleasant and intense. When you start early, you can take it easy. Many families like to get a jump on standardized test preparation. If you’re a high school junior, you may have already started this past summer. That’s great, but if you’re not in that boat, not to worry! Read on for tips on preparing your ultimate test prep plan.

Your AP Exam Study Plan

Your AP Exam Study Plan

A major mistake we often see students make is assuming that their AP class will prepare them fully for the exam. While many teachers do an excellent job of preparing their students, doing well in an AP class is no guarantee that you’ll get a 4 or 5 on the AP exam. Read on to learn hour tips for acing your AP exams.

8-Week SAT or ACT Study Plan

Waited until the last minute (or the last 2 months), and now you’re stressing? Here’s a plan to help you conquer the SAT or ACT with just 8 weeks of prep.

Study Tips for Calc

Study Tips for Calc

Try out this study method for calculus class (or apply it to any math class).