Podcast: Tag team: Holly and Sheila discuss applying to graduate school

applying to graduate school

In today’s episode, Holly and I dive deep into the world of applying to graduate school. Whether you’re contemplating a Ph.D. or an academic-focused master’s program, these essential insights will empower you to craft a compelling application and embark on an enriching academic journey. How to Get Into College (Circle Community): https://how-to-get-into-college.circle.so/home Access free resources and […]

Podcast: Sharon Genicoff: Personal Branding in College Admissions

In this episode, I sit down with high school college counselor Sharon Genicoff to explore the art of crafting an authentic personal brand for your college applications. Our conversation empowers students to present their unique qualities in a meaningful way, ensuring their college applications stand out and reflect their genuine selves. Tune in for invaluable […]

Podcast: Alberto Naviera: STEM tutoring

In today’s episode, I speak with one of Signet’s Principal Tutors, Alberto Naviera. We discuss Alberto’s unique approach to STEM tutoring, his empathetic connections with students, and how he empowers them to conquer the challenges of learning science. Tune in to learn more about how we meet students where they are at Signet! TRANSCRIPT Sheila […]

Podcast: Bob Schaeffer: Fairtest.org

Today I sit down with longtime friend, Bob Schaeffer. Bob is an incredible source of knowledge around how the testing landscape has changed in the last several decades and the work that he and his team at FairTest do is invaluable. Tune in to hear about the test optional movement in college admissions and more!   TRANSCRIPT […]

Podcast: Dr. Arundhati Ghosh: Medicine as a Career Path

Dr. Arundhati Ghosh currently works at the Cambridge Health Alliance, Department of Surgery, Harvard Medical School, and is the surgery curriculum director for the Harvard Medical School Cambridge Integrated Clerkship. She does innovative work in curriculum development and teaching methods. Her most recent publication is ‘Structuring Medical Education for Workforce Transformation: Continuity, Symbiosis, and Longitudinal […]

Podcast: Holly Schrieber: Relating to Teens with ADHD as an Educator

Welcome back everyone! Today, I kick off back to school season with an interview with my dear friend and colleague, Holly Schrieber. Holly is one of the few people at Signet who does “all the things” – and this makes her an incredible insightful advisor and supporter for parents and students alike. Tune in to […]

Podcast: Thoughts on the SCOTUS Decision

We’re on a break for all of July, but I just had to pop in to share some brief thoughts on the affirmative action ban’s impact on college admissions. We’ll be back in August – enjoy your summer! TRANSCRIPT Sheila Akbar: 0:14 Hi, everybody,just popping in to let you know we’re on break in July. And […]

Podcast: Urvashi Bhatnagar: Why Cross-Functional Learning is Essential for Success

This week, I sit down with scholar, author, leader, and mom Urvashi Bhatnagar to talk about her educational journey and the importance of learning skills and knowledge from outside your career silo. TRANSCRIPT Urvashi Bhatnagar: 0:00 I think we need to recognize that careers are a journey. And they will most likely not retire in the […]

Podcast: Andrea West: The Power of Reflection in College Admissions

Today, I talk with Signet’s Director of Operations and senior academic coach, Andrea West about the benefits of combining traditional college admissions consulting with coaching. Coaching can not only improve a student’s academic performance, but it can also shift them into more of a growth mindset and self-knowledge, two things which are vitally important in […]

Podcast: Marie Bigham: Equity and Access in College Admissions

Marie Bigham, Founder & Executive Director of ACCEPT, joins to talk with us about issues of equity and access in college admissions, and the work that her non-profit has undertaken to make the system work better for everyone. TRANSCRIPT Marie Bigham: 0:00 So we’ve built this entire mythology, including put up these false barriers that create […]

Podcast: Ellen Braaten: Bright Kids Who Couldn’t Care Less

“He’s so smart, but he’s no longer interested in school—or any ‘offline’ activities.” “She used to love sports, but now she just mopes around.” “My kid has turned into such a slacker!” If this sounds like your child, you need to listen to this episode! This week, my friend @Dr. Ellen Braaten shares insights from […]

Podcast Bonus Episode: Tools for Academic Skill-Building and Accountability

Jay Bacrania: Skills for High School Success

Towards the end of my conversation with Jay, our CEO, last week, we started getting really tactical around various tools that can help build students’ awareness of their challenges and move them towards solutions. In this episode, we talk through calendars, digital distractions, time management, and a tool for examining how non-academic factors impact academic […]

Podcast: Skills for High School Success

Jay Bacrania: Skills for High School Success

Today, I welcome Jay Bacrania, CEO and co-founder of Signet Education, onto the podcast. Jay’s passion is enabling and supporting personal growth – in himself, his colleagues, and his students. We discuss the foundations of Signet’s academic coaching program, through which we help students develop and pursue an inspiring vision for their lives. Our Five […]

Podcast: The Counselor’s Role in College Admissions

Blair Munhofen: The Counselor’s Role in College Admissions

How does your high school college counselor support your application to college? And what can a private college consultant do that your college counselor might not be able to? Today, I sit down with an old friend and former Signet admissions consultant, Blair Munhofen, to discuss how high school counselors and private consultants strive to […]

Podcast: How to Navigate the Waitlist

With all the college decisions that came out in the last week of March, I’m getting so many questions about how to navigate the waitlist. In this episode, I talk about what the waitlist is used for, how waitlist use has increased recently, and what students who are waitlisted should do to both move forward […]

Podcast: How to Achieve an Academic Turnaround

How to Achieve an Academic Turnaround

Meet Liz – one of Signet’s rockstar academic coaches. In today’s episode, Liz shares her approach to coaching, what kinds of challenges coaching can help with, and how to tell if your child is ready for coaching or not. Learn about how a coach puts students at the center of identifying and solving their own […]

[Podcast Trailer] Don’t Force It: How to Get Into College Without Losing Yourself In The Process

For all the stressed-out parents trying to help their teenagers navigate the complicated world of college admissions. Each episode offers insightful and in-depth conversations with admissions experts and professional educators with practical advice for getting through the process without losing sight of yourself, your kid, or your sanity. From building a strong academic and extracurricular […]