Podcast: Talia Kovacs: Building Resilience in Our Kids

More and more, our kids are anxious, afraid to make mistakes, and deeply shame-filled when they do. Our kids are refusing to try, and shutting down when things feel hard. What’s a parent to do? I’m pleased to host fellow Chief and resiliency specialist Talia Kovacs to the podcast to discuss her work and her […]

Podcast: Ellen Braaten: Bright Kids Who Couldn’t Care Less

“He’s so smart, but he’s no longer interested in school—or any ‘offline’ activities.” “She used to love sports, but now she just mopes around.” “My kid has turned into such a slacker!” If this sounds like your child, you need to listen to this episode! This week, my friend @Dr. Ellen Braaten shares insights from […]

Podcast: How to Achieve an Academic Turnaround

How to Achieve an Academic Turnaround

Meet Liz – one of Signet’s rockstar academic coaches. In today’s episode, Liz shares her approach to coaching, what kinds of challenges coaching can help with, and how to tell if your child is ready for coaching or not. Learn about how a coach puts students at the center of identifying and solving their own […]

Support Your Student’s Mental Health

How can parents best support their students’ mental health this winter? Start by using Signet’s Mental Health Checklist. Learn more about this valuable tool.

Is Test Anxiety Holding Your Student Back?

Is Test Anxiety Holding Your Student Back?

Does your child freeze, fumble, or flip out when confronted with high-stakes testing? They may be experiencing test anxiety. Learn how to help them prepare for testing.

Do You Have Test Anxiety?

Test anxiety can negatively impact your performance–our tips will help you manage and prevent anxiety around exams.

Mental Health Check-In

Mental Health Check-In

When is the last time you had a discussion with your peers and family about mental health?

When Is the Pressure Too High?

As educators, we can help students and families work through issues about student stress and anxiety. But it’s our colleagues in psychology who have the best perspective on and tools to address these challenges. Read our interview between Jay Bacrania, Signet’s CEO, and Dr. Angela Currie, a psychologist at NESCA.