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Signet Education provides a full-scale tutoring program that goes far beyond that offered by traditional tutoring services. We provide complete assistance with the educational journey for students from grade school through post-doctoral programs.

Test preparation, subject tutoring, admissions consulting, and academic coaching are all provided by our expertly trained, highly experienced tutors.

Conveniently located in midtown Manhattan, Signet Education offers services for students of all ages throughout the New York City metropolitan area. If you are ready to take the first steps toward realizing your academic dreams, give us a call today at 212-945-8164.

Test Prep

We provide a thorough preparation for tests ranging from the New York Regents Exams to the MCAT. Not only do our tutors have a deep, nuanced understanding of these tests, but we also understand the psychology behind them. In addition, we know people, and we are aware of how test preparation is affected by different learning styles and personalities. This knowledge allows us to build a customized test prep plan that is right for you.

Our proven approach begins with a time of discovery. Your tutor will help you identify your goals, your strengths and weaknesses, and any challenges that could affect your testing experience, such as a lack of knowledge in certain areas or test-related anxiety.

Based on the results of this discovery, your tutor will work with you to create a unique, personalized study plan. We use not only our own materials but also a vast library of outside resources. Throughout your journey, your tutor will track your progress and provide feedback. We will adapt your plan as needed as we go along in order to ensure continuous progress toward your goals. Whether you prefer to work at home, online, or at our center, we will not stop until you are successful.

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Subject Tutoring

Subject tutoring is provided through a diverse list of content areas for students from elementary school through graduate school. We cover the sciences from organic chemistry through zoology, languages including Russian and Hebrew, math concepts from number theory through calculus, and such humanities as philosophy and political science. We can provide short-term tutoring to prepare you for an exam or longer-term assistance with learning the subject in depth.

Our subject tutoring program is as highly customized as our test prep. Your tutor will work with you to identify your goals, the areas in which you need extra help, and the reasons behind your difficulties. For example, you might need to revisit earlier course material or change your current study environment or habits. Whatever your personal challenges, we will help you develop an individualized study plan that utilizes numerous methods and materials to meet your needs.

Your study plan might last only a few sessions or continue for months or even years, depending on your goals and challenges. Your tutor will remain by your side every step of the way, monitoring your progress and helping you transition into studying the subject on your own. As your skills develop, your study plan will also grow and evolve. This helps you learn new skills and propels you forward toward meeting your goals.

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Admissions Consulting

From applying to an undergraduate program through getting into medical school, we know that the admissions journey can feel scary and even overwhelming. Our admissions consultants have been on committees for top schools throughout the country, and have the expertise needed to guide you through the process. With their help, the vast majority of our students have been admitted to one of their top-choice programs.

We know that college and graduate school are about more than academics. The best school for you should also match your interests, values, and personality. Therefore, our program begins with getting to know you and even more importantly, helping you connect with yourself in a deep and meaningful way. Your consultant will help you explore not only your grades and test scores, but also your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and ultimate life goals.

Based on this information, you and your consultant will work together to develop a comprehensive admissions plan. For example, you might decide to do certain things to enhance your candidacy potential, work on topics for admissions essays, and brainstorm a list of schools that would be good matches. Your work will be your own, but your consultant will serve as a mentor, cheerleader, and guide throughout your experience.

The final step is framing your personal narrative, or an authentic description of who you are as a person. This narrative will not only provide the material you need for your admissions essay, but will also form the way you present yourself throughout your application. Showing the admissions committee that you understand what you have to offer, what the school has to offer, and how the two fit together can vastly improve your chances for success.

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Academic Coaching

Many people have a large gap between their potential and their classroom performance, and our academic coaching program can help you bridge that gap. The reasons for academic struggles are many and varied, but may include such difficulties as poor time management skills, ineffective study habits, and learning differences. Fortunately, academic coaching can assist you with these challenges and more.

Your program will begin with an honest assessment of your abilities and current performance. Your coach will then work closely with you to find the reasons behind your struggles. Some difficulties are tough to identify, but we will not give up. There is always a reason for any challenge, and your coach’s job is to help you find it.

Once you and your coach find the reasons for your troubles, you will work together to develop a realistic plan of attack. You might need to learn new note-taking skills, create a more organized study environment, learn new coping mechanisms, or implement one or more of any number of solutions. Your plan will focus on exactly what you need—no more and no less.

As you put your new plan into effect, your coach will observe and monitor your progress. You will not be judged, but you will be provided with motivation and assistance as needed. Over time, your new habits will start to feel normal, and will become easier for you to use. You and your coach will tweak your plan as you progress to help you continue to move forward.

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About Us

Harvard graduates Andrew Magliozzi and Jay Bacrania founded Signet Education to fill a void that they identified in existing tutoring programs. In their experience, most large tutoring companies use a generic, one-size-fits-all approach. They found freelance tutors to be more flexible, but often lacking experience in providing high-quality instruction. Since our earliest days, we have prided ourselves on giving our students a high personalized, flexible approach that is backed up by extensive training in education.

With more than 80 tutors on our roster, we are confident that we can find an excellent match for each student. However, we recognize that not all tutors, regardless of ability level and talent, are right for all students. We will check in with you after your first session and, if you believe that your tutor is not a match, we will refund that session and work hard to find a better fit. Throughout your experience, we will continue to touch base with you and your tutor to ensure that you receive the best possible service.

Conveniently located in midtown Manhattan, we serve students throughout New York City. If you are ready to take the first steps toward realizing your academic dreams, give Signet Education a call today at 212-945-8164.

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Test Preparation“I just wanted to thank all the folks at Signet for helping me to improve my GRE scores. Richard is a fabulous tutor and made all the difference in my most recent effort. I owe a debt of gratitude to all the staff at Signet, especially Richard.”