Set your student up for success in college, career, and life.

Comprehensive tutoring, coaching, and college admissions support from inspiring mentors.

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Help Your Student Recharge This Summer

High school doesn’t always prepare kids for college, career, or life.

Are you worried about your child:

  • being bogged down with schoolwork, stress about the SAT or ACT, or uncertainty about the college process?

  • struggling endlessly against weak executive functions or learning differences?

  • taking ownership and connecting what they learn in school to a future academic or career path?

  • ending up at the wrong college for them?

  • It doesn’t have to be this way!

    Instead, imagine your student:

    • meeting their academic potential

    • getting the most out of their high school experience

    • thriving at the right college for them

    • working towards a compelling vision of their future

    Through 1:1 mentorship and a comprehensive suite of academic and college prep services, Signet has helped thousands of students envison and chart their own path forward to success and independence.

    Working with Signet, you’ll enjoy:

    The relief and reassurance that comes from working with caring and reliable experts.

    The successful results of a college process centered on your student’s strengths and values.

    The shift in relationship dynamics inspired by a focus on growth, not just grades and achievement.

    Our Services

    Subject Tutoring

    Deepen your comprehension and improve your GPA. We can help you ace your classes from algebra to zoology.

    Test Prep

    SSAT, ISEE, SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT–we do it all. Our test prep experts take an individualized approach to help you reach your goals.


    Develop study and organizational skills to reduce stress and find success in high school, college, and beyond.


    Put your best foot forward in the college admissions process. Our consultants — former admissions officers — will advise you every step of the way.


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    Meet with one of our experts to share your student's story, challenges, and goals. You'll get immediately helpful advice, and we'll match you with the right educator for your needs.


    Start Collaborating

    Your Signet educator will help your student define their goals and plot a path to get there.


    Enjoy the Transformation

    See your student's understanding and confidence increase while their stress levels decrease!

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    You’re a busy parent who wants to set their kid up for success. You also know that doing well in school is not enough. Your child needs to be prepared for college, career, AND life – prepared to navigate the big questions beyond what to study or what career to pursue, the questions about what kind of life they want to build and what kind of person they want to be. 

    Today, the college prep process has become an end in itself, and our society’s obsessive focus on getting into the “best” colleges has detrimental effects on children emotionally, socially, and professionally. They’ve gone through school on a conveyor belt, moving through life with no connection to their intrinsic motivations or values. 

    High school might get them to the threshold, but it doesn’t give them the self-knowledge, skills, or support to step forward with confidence onto a path of their own making. You know something else is needed…but what?

    We designed Signet Education to support parents like you with exactly this problem. Through 1:1 mentorship and a comprehensive suite of academic and college prep services, we’ve helped thousands of students develop an inspiring vision for their future and learn how to map and adapt on their way towards it, all while improving academic performance, crushing standardized tests, applying to the right colleges for them, and developing skills to reduce stress and find success at school and beyond.

    Our secret? The student-centered Pathfinder approach our talented educators use to help students take ownership of their strengths, challenges, and goals. We believe there’s no better time than high school for a student to learn how to set a trajectory and navigate their own life. 

    Call us today so you can stop trying to do it all for them and start showing them how to do for themselves.

    Whether your child is an ace at school or struggles with learning differences (or both!), our Pathfinder approach authentically engages students by meeting them where they are and collaborating to pinpoint where, when, and how to make changes that will allow their true strengths to shine. We’ve worked with thousands of students, every one of them unique, so we know how important it is to tailor our approach to your student’s exact needs.

    To do this, we invest a lot of time getting to know you and your student – concerns, goals, personalities, and other dynamics. This helps us make the right matches for you among our educators, and it also allows us to provide you tons of helpful information before important milestones or decision points in your child’s education come up. Anticipating your needs means we can help you avoid challenges, keep stress levels low, and form a true sense of partnership.

    How to Navigate the College Transition

    Your child’s education and success mean everything to you, and we consider it an honor and a privilege to be part of their support team. We’re here to support you too! Our account managers are your single-point-of-contact for raising concerns, seeking reassurance, or getting insight into challenges or the college process that lies ahead. And because change takes time and doesn’t happen in a vacuum, we use technology and periodic same-page meetings to keep families in the loop about their student’s progress, challenges, and goals so that we can all work to support each other.     

    Ask yourself how much time and emotional energy you put into managing your child’s education, planning ahead, and wondering if you are on the right track. How valuable would it be for you to have a trusted team of experts at your fingertips, who have your child’s best interests at heart, have an authentic way of inspiring and connecting with them, and who will help them gain independence and chart their own path forward? 

    Call us, and we’ll guide you through an easy process to make this your reality. Even after your initial free consultation, you can try working with us risk free thanks to our first session guarantee: if you’re not happy with the match, or you feel we’re not aligned with your goals, we’ll refund you, no questions asked.

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