Signet’s Guide to Extracurriculars

Pursuing extracurricular activities serves a more important role than simply impressing colleges. Students can participate in extracurriculars to engage with the world in a meaningful way and to forge a path towards a fulfilling and intentional life.

Signet’s Guide to Successful Studying

Good study habits are so important, yet students are often not taught how to study effectively. In this guide, we outline our recommended steps for academic success.

Signet’s Guide to Summer Planning

Summer break offers students a unique opportunity to build important skills that will benefit them in college and into their adult lives. In this guide, students can learn how to plan a productive summer that aligns with their personal goals.

Signet’s Guide to College Visits

College is a time of huge growth, and it’s important that students seek out a school that provides the right opportunities and support for their individual development

Signet’s Guide to College Admissions

This guide covers everything you need to know about starting the college admissions process. You’ll learn how to break down each phase of the process into small, manageable chunks so that you stay on track.

Signet’s Guide to the Essay

The college essay, or personal statement, can be one of the most daunting pieces of the entire college application process, but it’s also one of the few pieces of the application that gives students an opportunity to share their own unique voice.

Signet’s Guide to High School Sophomore Year

Sophomore year is a time when students can find significant opportunities for growth, both in and out of the classroom. However, taking advantage of those opportunities requires some focus and dedication.

Signet’s Guide to High School Junior Year

Junior year is probably the most challenging of a student’s high school career: classes are rigorous, extracurriculars demand increased time and energy, and the college process begins in earnest.

Signet’s Guide to High School Senior Year

The senior year of high school is a unique experience and a very special time in a student’s life. Students need one foot firmly planted in the present, to maintain their grades, activities, and complete the college process.