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Mindfulness to Ease Student Stress

Tuesday, March 28th @ 6PM

High school offers us a lot. We take in so much information, increase our knowledge, and develop many different kinds of skills. But one thing we don't usually learn is how to take care of our minds and deal with daily stressors. So take some time to breathe, rest, and learn how to work with stress in this mindfulness webinar. Mindfulness is a way of paying attention and a way of relating to the present moment. You can practice mindfulness anywhere, anytime, and in any situation. In this webinar you will learn easy ways to integrate mindfulness into your day to bring more ease and wellbeing into your life, both in and outside of school.


Get off the Waitlist

Wednesday, April 5th @ 6PM

Has your son or daughter been waitlisted? Wondering what you can do to jump this hurdle? Join Signet Education's admissions expert, Meg Mahoney, to learn our four best tips for when you've been waitlisted (along with the seven things you absolutely should NOT do if you're on the wait list!)


How to do Extracurriculars Right

Wednesday, April 12th @ 6PM

College admissions officials look for more than just strong grades and high test scores. They hope to build incoming classes of dedicated, interesting students who passionately pursue activities outside of the traditional classroom. In this webinar, we'll explore how can you get meaningfully involved in activities at your school and in your community.


Turning Your Student's "Time-Wasting" into a Productive Passion

Thursday, April 20th @ 6PM

Sally spends all her time doodling, Bobby can't get enough of video games, and their parents wonder why they can't do something more useful with their time! The secret is that with the right combination of dedication, interest, and creativity, almost anything can turn from a "time-wasting" hobby into productive passion. Join Signet Education in this free webinar to learn how to harness these tools not only for a compelling college application but also to create the building blocks of a fulfilling adult life.


How to Prepare for the SAT and ACT

Thursday, May 4th @ 6PM

The SAT and ACT are an important piece of the college application puzzle. With the overhaul of the SAT last year and the continued growth of the ACT, it is more important than ever for students to make a study plan to help them meet their goals. Get the answers to your questions about preparing for these tests at Signet Education's FREE webinar, "How to Prepare for the SAT/ACT".


Past Events

How to Get Into (Your) Harvard

Wednesday, March 22nd @ 6PM

Many parents dream of their students getting into Harvard. But how do you actually do it? And more importantly, does everyone have the same "Harvard?" Join Signet Education in this free webinar to learn how to identify your dream school and how to create your best application!

What's the Deal with SAT Subject Tests?

Wednesday, March 8th @ 6PM

Join Signet's Admissions and Test Prep experts to learn all you need to know about SAT Subject tests. We'll cover everything from how to choose which test(s) to take, how they are viewed by colleges, and how to build a detailed and effective study plan to get you to the score you want.

5 Most Common Mistakes in the SAT/ACT Math Sections

Wednesday, February 22nd @ 6PM

The SAT and ACT Math sections, in many ways, might seem more straightforward and transparent than the other sections on the tests. The content is fairly predictable and every question has a definitively right answer. Though many students will find their coursework from school to be a great starting point for these sections, students often bring some baggage as well—from anxiety about math in general to overconfidence and a propensity for careless mistakes. Join Ben Morris, Signet Education's Test Prep Coordinator, for a webinar on some of the more strategic aspects of preparing for and taking the SAT and ACT math sections.

5 Most Common Mistakes in the SAT/ACT Verbal Sections

Thursday, February 16th @ 6PM

The SAT and ACT Verbal sections—Reading and Writing for the SAT, Reading and English for the ACT (with an honorable mention to the ACT Science section!)—can feel daunting for students. Unlike the Math sections, there isn't as much content for students to learn or review. Some might feel like they "just aren't good at reading" which holds them back. Join Ben Morris, Signet Education's Test Prep Coordinator, for some tips on how to prepare for the SAT and ACT Verbal sections and some common pitfalls to avoid.

Juniors: Create a Perfect College List

Tuesday, February 7th @ 6PM

If you are a junior, now is the absolute ideal time to begin to put together the list of schools that you will apply. What is your college "fit", and why is it so important in the college admissions process? In this webinar, we will offer attendees our best tips and favorite resources used to help students find their college fit and to create the perfect college list. Why not join us and learn first hand from our expert admission consultants on how to build your perfect list?

10 Myths About the College Admissions Process for Juniors

Wednesday, January 18th @ 6PM

College can feel far away when you're still a junior. Besides, it's all so overwhelming: where do you actually start? Equipping yourself with good information is the first step! Learn to separate the stress-saving tips from the anxiety-inducing rumors at Signet Education's FREE webinar on the Top 10 Myths of the College Admissions Process for Juniors!

Juniors: Plan Your College Application Process

Wednesday, January 4th @ 6PM

The spring semester of junior year has taken on new significance as more and more students applying to college via an early application. For many juniors, this semester is their last opportunity to fine-tune what will eventually constitute their early application to college. It's also the time when juniors kick their college search into high gear and refine college lists, take standardized tests, write college essays, and ask for recommendations. In this webinar, we will offer insight on each part of the college application, and more importantly, how juniors in spring semester can proactively prepare for submitting strong college applications in the coming fall.

Standardized Testing and the LD Student

Thursday, December 15th @ 6PM

Over the last few decades, standardized tests have become the most popular way to measure student achievement and school success. Unfortunately, most of these tests are designed to suit the needs of a typical student, which often means that students with learning disabilities don’t have fair opportunities to show their true capabilities. While students with learning disabilities have much to gain from increased focus on student achievement, high-stakes standardized testing can also pose serious challenges. In this webinar, we will be discussing the different strategies, approaches, and accommodations that can help students with learning difficulties achieve their standardized testing goals.

How to Study Effectively for Exams

Tuesday, December 6th @ 6PM

A bit of nervousness ahead of a big exam is completely to-be-expected — it can even help focus your attention and sharpen your thinking skills. But when feelings of anxiety, self-doubt, and stress become overwhelming, they can interfere with your ability to perform well on tests and make you miserable in the process. In this webinar, we will be going through a variety plans, strategies, and tips to overcome testing anxiety and help you feel fully prepared to succeed on your next big exam.

Overcoming Test Anxiety

Wednesday, November 30th @ 6PM

Studying for exams can often be stressful and overwhelming. Sometimes, teachers aren't specific about what will be on an exam, or students can feel like there's simply too much to cram before a deadline. Join Signet Education's CEO and Co-Founder, Jay Bacrania, to learn more about clear, straightforward methods for preparing for exams. You'll also receive key templates and tools to make the studying process easier. By planning ahead and having a consistent study plan, it's possible to make studying for exams a lot less stressful and a lot more successful!

How to Get Phenomenal Recommendations

Tuesday, November 15th @ 6 PM

One of the most under-appreciated aspects of the college application is the teacher recommendation. Unlike the staid transcript and impersonal test scores, these narrative letters of support provide context and life to a college application. However, students often overlook how they can help their teachers in crafting strong, authentic and telling recommendations. Join us for our webinar, "How to Get Phenomenal Recommendations" to learn more!

Top 10 Secrets of the Successful College Admissions Interview

Wednesday, November 9th @ 6 PM

What is an admissions interview? Is it a chance for the college to get to know you, or a chance for you to get to know the college? Is it an assessment or mostly informational? And how much does it really matter, anyway? Find out how to make your best impression at our webinar on the "Top 10 Secrets of the Successful College Admissions Interview!"

10 Tips to Ace the SAT & ACT

Tuesday, November 1st @ 6 PM

Want to learn the strategies, tips, and tricks that will help you do your very best on the SAT and ACT? Everybody has their own set of ideas about how to best prepare to for standardized college admissions exams, but some have better track records of success than others. Come hear Signet Education's time-tested tips for exam success from one of our Ivy League-educated tutors, and prepare to test with the best of them.

How Do College Admissions Officers Read Your Application?

Thursday, October 27th @ 6 PM

The college admissions process can seem obscure and impenetrable. But behind all of the myths and speculation are...people! Learn more about the individuals who make the magic happen at Signet's free webinar, "How Do College Admissions Officers Read Your Application?"

Write Your Perfect College Essay

Wednesday, October 12th @ 6 PM

There are plenty of ways to write a college admissions essay, but some are more effective than others. Join us in our free webinar to learn tips and ask questions on how turn your personal stories into a compelling college essay.

Top 10 Secrets of the Admissions Process

Wednesday, September 21st @ 6 PM

What is the best essay topic for college? How many hours of community service do I need? What are admissions officers really looking for? Get answers to these questions and more at Signet Education's FREE webinar revealing the Top 10 Secrets of the College Admissions Process.

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