Community Service

Here are some of our more recent community initiatives:

MATCH Charter School Comprehensive SAT Curriculum

After realizing that generic test prep solutions were not working for MATCH students, the MATCH School chose to work with Signet to develop a comprehensive, integrated SAT prep program. You can read a related article directly from the CEO here.

Graham and Parks School Volunteer Program

For several years, Signet has regularly provided tutors for the Graham and Parks after school tutoring program for at-risk students.

Cambridge Public Library Free SAT Courses

Signet worked with the Cambridge Public Library to provide free SAT courses to the community.

St. Stephen's After School Program

Signet has staffed and advised on St. Stephen's after school program's SAT courses.

Big Brothers Big Sisters NYC

Since summer of 2012, Signet has provided free educational services to the "littles" of BBBS-NYC. Starting with a free 8-week SAT prep course, Signet has offered counseling, prep, and tutoring in college admissions, financial aid, standardized test prep, and remedial subject tutoring in order to keep high school students current with Common Core Standards.

We realize that not everyone is able to afford private tutoring, test prep, admissions consulting, and coaching services. Over the last several years, we have undertaken several initiatives to share what we have developed with the community and the world.

Subject Tutoring“Charles is awesome! K. really enjoys her time with him and is learning some great things that she can apply to her regular schoolwork as well. It is nice to see someone who is so, so smart be able to relay his knowledge so seamlessly and be able to relate to our daughter!”