Mission Statement and Values

Our mission is to inspire a love of learning, genuine academic growth, and holistic success in our students' lives.

Our Vision

At Signet Education, we provide a unique form of academic mentorship through our subject tutoring, test preparation, organizational coaching, and admissions consulting services. We treat education as an individual matter, and each of our students receives specialized attention from our world-class tutors and administrative staff. Combining compassionate and skilled educators with top-notch client service, we aim to give our clients the most effective and empowering educational experience possible. We are also committed to public service and making our valuable knowledge freely accessible online.

If you're interested in getting to know us or our world-class tutors, feel free to contact us. Our tutoring experts are here to help.

Our Values

Care deeply. Great education begins with caring. We make a daily commitment to do good work for our students, their families, and our colleagues, and care deeply about everything from academic success to holistic well-being.

Be on the ball. Participating in our students’ educations is a privilege. Tutoring is high-stakes, and each student deserves attention and care. We are responsive, prepared, and adaptable in supporting our students, their families, and our colleagues through any challenge they may face.

Inspire confidence. Confidence is a cornerstone of academic success. By being knowledgeable, methodical, and reliable, we earn and build the confidence of our students, their families, and our colleagues.

Teach students, not subjects. We care about the whole student, not just their grades. We endeavor to understand students as people with goals, fears, hopes, and dreams, and to shape our teaching to fit each individual’s needs.

“Richard has been wonderful to work with and helps a lot with keeping me motivated and on track with studying. I feel like he is really invested in helping me improve and believes in my ability to do so. I am very happy with my decision to work with him over taking other online courses for GRE prep.”