A Little About Us

Signet is a labor of love: we're here to provide the absolute best in education to our clients worldwide.

We began in 2005 as Veritas Tutors, a company founded by Andrew Magliozzi and Jay Bacrania, both graduates of Harvard College. Andrew and Jay had both discovered first hand that great tutors were hard to find. Tutors from large companies tended to take a generic, impersonal approach, and freelance tutors were often inexperienced in high-quality instruction.

We aim to change this by recruiting and training the absolute best educators. Over the years, we have developed deep knowledge and powerful tools to train brilliant tutors and to match students with the best tutor for their specific needs. We're always finding new and better ways to educate and serve.

But we aren't just a network of incredible educators. With a broad range of services, we are your partner through all your academic journeys. We'll help you map out your route and take all the right steps to help you reach academic and personal success. Whether it's choosing your classes, getting an A in a difficult subject, getting into the best college or graduate program for you, or improving your study habits, we're here to give world-class guidance.

Why Clients Choose Signet

If you're interested in getting to know us or our world-class tutors, feel free to contact us. Our tutoring experts are here to help.

The Signet Promise

We are confident that at least one of our more than 80 tutors will suit your exact needs. Still, our Client Coordinator or Manager will check in with you after your first session to find out how it went. If you don't think your tutor is a good fit, we'll refund you for the session and work to find a better match. Throughout the engagement, we will work closely with you and your tutor to ensure your satisfaction, from start to finish.

Subject Tutoring“I just wanted to let you know that I got 240 / 240 on the Excel assignment Lei helped me with! That put my final grade for the course between an A and an A-, so I would just like to thank you again! ”