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May 23, 2024 - 5pm ET

Selective College Admissions: What Really Matters, and How to Build Your Strategy

In today’s competitive climate, perfect scores and flawless GPA say little about your student. Neither does a haphazard list of extracurriculars with no rhyme or reason beyond trying to “look good” on paper.

Selective colleges recognize and reward your child’s efforts when those grades and extracurriculars fit underneath what makes them REMARKABLE.Your child’s college admissions strategy should tie together:

  • Their interests, choices, ambitions, hobbies
  • Evidence of their capability to handle rigor and independence
  • Their shared values with colleges that will serve their broader goals for life

The story your teen’s application tells needs to be authentic, clear, and compelling. And it all starts with empowering them with confidence and self-awareness.

You know your kid is full of potential, and our approach ensures that not only will the right colleges see and act on it, but your child will, too.

In this free 60 minute session, I’ll share the insights you need to know about admissions strategy for your high potential student, how to avoid roadblocks and pitfalls, and how to keep your relationship intact as you usher them into the next phase of their lives.

Past Events

Academic Excellence Without Burnout

Help your kid develop the executive functions that colleges need to see in your child – without nagging or ruining the relationship.

If your kid relies on you to stay on top of everything, and you’re tired of nagging, join us to learn how we help your kid achieve more while sweating less. 

My colleague Andy, an expert academic coach, and I will share strategies that parents can immediately use to help their kids without taking on their work, damaging their relationship, or making your kid feel shame when they are struggling. 

The Changing Role of the Parent in the College Admissions Process

In my 15+ years as a college admissions consultant, I’ve seen countless parents struggle to understand their role in the process.

They are grappling with big questions: Am I doing too much or too little? Am I missing something important? How can I manage my own stress without transferring it to my teen?

Learning to help your teen take charge of their educational journey is not just about stepping back–it’s about stepping forward into a new role and relationship.

And it’s a tremendous opportunity for growth for everyone involved.

Join me, President & COO of Signet Education, and my dear friend and colleague Holly Schreiber of Watershed Parent Coaching to discuss how you can reduce stress in the college process – your kid’s AND your own!

How to Build a College List ​

If your 11th grader hasn’t started building a college list yet, this session is for you!

You’ll learn:

  • How building the right college list is foundational to an easy and successful college process
  • How to use specific tools for defining personal preferences and tracking college research
  • Where to find data to evaluate your student’s competitiveness and fit with a college

Parents of Teens: What do you need to know about the Digital SAT?

In the past 4 years, standardized testing for college admissions has been a rapidly changing landscape. And with the upcoming US launch of the Digital SAT, parents and teens are facing a lot of confusion, anxiety, and misinformation about whether testing is valuable, how to navigate test optional policies, and how to prepare.

Join me to talk about what the new Digital SAT will look like, how students can prepare themselves for it, and how to tell whether the effort to prepare for it is worth it for your student and their goals.

We will also talk about deciding between the ACT and SAT, how to know if you should submit your scores with your college applications (ie, test optional), and when and how to start the process of planning.

ACE Your Applications to US Colleges: A Primer for International Families

In most countries, the priority for college bound students is to score high on standardized tests and keep their grades high. In the US, however, where test scores and grades are only one part of the equation, international families face unique challenges in guiding their teens through college admissions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the Character Factor: Discover why character is now a pivotal factor in today’s U.S. college admissions landscape and how it can elevate your student’s application.
  • Decode Shifting Success Metrics: Gain clarity on the evolving metrics U.S. colleges prioritize for international applicants, so you can focus efforts on what truly matters.
  • Infuse Values into Applications: Learn to align academic choices with personal values, ensuring your child’s application tells a compelling and authentic story.
  • Ignite Authentic Engagement: Equip your child to genuinely connect with their community, showcasing passion and leaving a lasting impression on U.S. admissions officers.

The Secret Sauce of Affording College: 529’s

Are you worried about the cost of college?

Learn from a seasoned financial advisor (and mother with two kids at Harvard and Stanford) how this tax-advantaged investment vehicle can help you and your family afford college tuition.

We’ll cover:

  • How much can you expect to pay for college
  • How to take most advantage of the tax-advantaged aspects of 529’s
  • How 529’s fit into estate planning
  • Your questions!

Our presenter is P. Y. Nicole Chang, JD, MBA, Financial Advisor & Accredited Asset Management Specialist.™

“Helping Entrepreneurs and their Companies, Individuals and their Families, go from Good to Great to Legendary”