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Signet Education provides much more than traditional tutoring services. Rather than simply helping you with one or two subjects, our goal is to provide assistance throughout your educational journey.

From choosing classes to improving your study habits, and from receiving an A to getting into the college of your dreams, our well-trained, highly knowledgeable tutors are here to help.

Our office is conveniently located in Cambridge, and we offer full services for students from elementary school through graduate school throughout the greater Boston area. If you are ready to take the first steps toward realizing your academic dreams, give us a call today at 617-714-5262.

Test Prep

Our tutors have a deep and nuanced understanding of tests ranging from the PSAT to the GRE. Not only do we know the tests, but we understand the thinking behind the tests. We also understand people, and how different learning styles affect test preparation. This allows us to create a highly personalized approach to test prep that is right for you.

Our proven approach begins with a discovery period. Your tutor will ask detailed questions designed to identify your goals, your strengths and weaknesses, and any issues that could affect how you test, such as anxiety or lack of content knowledge. You and your tutor will then work together to integrate the results into a unique, personalized study plan that utilizes not only our proprietary materials but outside resources as well. Your tutor will track your progress and provide feedback every step of the way, adapting your plan as needed to ensure continuous growth. We can work with you at our center, in your home, online, or a combination of all three. We will not give up until you have achieved success.

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Subject Tutoring

We provide subject tutoring at every level from the lowest grades through post-doctoral candidacy. Our subject list is rich and diverse, covering such sciences as organic chemistry and zoology, languages from Latin to Greek, and English topics including creative writing and essay editing. We can tutor you throughout an entire class, or provide short-term help with preparing for an exam.

Like test prep, our subject tutoring plan is also highly personalized. Your tutor will help you identify your goals, the areas in which you are struggling, and the reasons for your difficulties. Perhaps you lack necessary prerequisite knowledge or need to have certain concepts explained in a different way. Your personalized study plan will address the results of your discovery period using a variety of methods and materials to help you master the information.

Depending on your needs, your study plan might span only a few sessions or last for months or even years. Throughout the journey, your tutor will track your progress and help you transition into studying the subject on your own. Your study plan will grow and evolve as you develop new skills, ensuring that you are always moving forward toward your goals.

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Admissions Consulting

Whether you are applying to college for the first time or trying to get into law school, we understand that the process can sometimes feel overwhelming. Our admissions consultants have served on the admissions committees for top-name schools across the country. This experience has provided them with the expert knowledge they need to guide you through the application process.

We know that the best school for you is the one that not only meets your academic needs, but is also a match with your personality, interests, and values. What looks like a top school on paper might be totally wrong for you. Therefore, your consultant will begin by getting to know you as a whole person—not only your grades and test scores, but also your thoughts, beliefs, outside activities, and life plans. Even more importantly, your consultant will help you get to know yourself in a whole new way.

Armed with this information, your consultant will help you develop a comprehensive admissions plan. Brainstorming a list of schools that would be a good match, working on admissions essay topics, and taking steps to improve your candidacy potential are just a few common steps in the admissions plan. You will need to do the hard work, but your consultant will be there to support, advise, and guide you throughout the process.

Finally, your consultant will help you frame your personal narrative. This authentic description of who you are will guide not only your admissions essay but the way you present yourself throughout the entire application. Knowing who you are, understanding what your program of choice has to offer, and demonstrating how the two mesh with each other can greatly improve your chances for getting into your dream college or graduate school.

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Academic Coaching

Academic coaching is a broad category that encompasses general school-related difficulties. Many people show a strong gap between their ability level and their demonstrated classroom performance, but the reasons for this can vary widely among individuals. Some people struggle with time management. Some experience low motivation. Some learn differently. Some have ineffective study habits. Fortunately, all can be helped.

Your academic coach will begin by assessing your abilities and current performance level, and then work closely with you to find the reasons for your difficulties. Some issues are easier to spot than others, but we will not give up on you. There is always a cause, and it is our job to help you find it.

Once your challenges are identified, you and your coach will work together to develop a practical, realistic plan for addressing them. You might need to change your study environment, learn better note-taking skills, or implement any of a myriad of solutions. Your plan will focus on exactly what you need—no more and no less.

As you implement the new plan, your coach will observe without judging you, provide motivation, and help in any way that you require. As your skills improve, you and your coach will tweak and refine your plan to help keep you moving forward. Over time, you will find that your new habits feel normal and become easier and easier to use.

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About Us

Our founders, Harvard graduates Andrew Magliozzi and Jay Bacrania, founded Signet Education on a promise to be different. They felt that most freelance tutors lacked experience in high-quality instruction, while most large tutoring companies provided a generic, impersonal approach. Since the beginning, we have always strived to give our students a highly personalized tutoring experience backed up by world-class training in education.

We recognize that sometimes an excellent tutor is simply not the right match for a particular student. With more than 80 tutors to choose from, however, we believe that we can find you an appropriate match. If, after your first session, you feel that you simply did not gel with your tutor, let us know. We will refund that session and find you a new match. Throughout your tutoring journey, we will check in frequently with you and your tutor to ensure that you receive top-notch service every step of the way.

Conveniently located in Cambridge, we serve students throughout the Boston area. If you are ready to take the first steps toward realizing your academic dreams, give Signet Education a call today at 617-714-5262.

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Subject Tutoring“Charles is an excellent match for L!  He listens to how she describes challenges and offers practical, non-drama counsel.  He gives examples of how math concepts apply to her guitar playing. Connections like that make the math come alive. We could not be happier – he is prompt, flexible, a natural teacher, and kind.”


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