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How to Keep Your Student Engaged During a High School Summer

How should your student spend a high school summer? Learn how to navigate the line between kicking back for a much-needed rest and turning into a couch potato! Read More

20 Unconventional Ways to Spend the Summer

Without a sense of purpose, students can get sucked into mindless summer activities. We've got 20 better suggestions. Read More

Summer's Here: Does Your Student Have a Plan?

Summer is here! We've got resources to help your student plan for a successful summer. Read more

Voluntourism and the Personal Statement

This post examines the phenomenon of "voluntourism" and whether it can help or harm a student's college applications. Read more

Making the Most of Senior Summer

Finishing high school and heading to your next phase in life is a meaningful time of transition. We recommend taking advantage of your summer through a combination of purposeful activities, personal a bit of fun!  Read more

Top 10 Last-Minute Summer Activities

Every year, plans for “the perfect summer” fall through. And that’s okay! In this post, we’ll talk about how to have a summer that’s interesting and engaging, even if you haven’t secured a spot in the educational program or internship of your dreams. Read more

Summer Dos and Don’ts for Parents

For parents, the end of the school year often comes as a relief. Considering the intensity of the end-of-year rush—final projects, exams, AP tests—it makes sense that we believe our kids deserve a break. And they do. But how much of a break is healthy?  Read more

How to Get Your College Applications DONE Over the Summer

8 tips to help you finish your college applications before the end of summer. Read more

Keeping Your Brain Sharp Over Summer

5 steps to keep your mind agile over the break Read more

Last-Minute Summer Planning

How students can make the most of last minute summer planning. Read more

20 Summer Programs You’ll Love

Your ultimate guide to summer programs. Read more


How to benefit from your experience as a volunteer tourist. Read more

This Is Your Brain on Summer

You need to keep your brain sharp this summer—here's how. Read more

Summer Fun with Physics

How to teach kids basic physics with a bubble pool. Read more

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