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How to Use Online Educational Tools

Free online classes are a hot topic in education. Here's how to use them to your advantage! Read More

How to Challenge Your Student

Helpful hints for turning an interest into a useful talent and a passion. Read More

Study Tips for Algebra

We know algebra can be difficult, so we want to share some advice on how to make it easier! From learning fundamentals to being more efficient, there are lots of steps you can take to bring up your algebra game.  Read more

Summer Fun with Physics

How to teach kids basic physics with a bubble pool. Read more

Case Study: Incomplete Homework

The Signet strategy for getting a smart student to hand his homework in, completed and on time. Read more

What Is a Strong Extracurricular?

A guide to choosing strong extracurriculars for college admissions. Read more

Case Study: ISEE preparation

How a Signet tutor coached a sixth grader to admission at a selective private school near Boston. Read more

“I have always struggled with test taking skills, and Stephanie was a great at helping me with this. She had lots of good advice and I am very glad that I had her as a tutor. ”


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