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What I Would Tell My 18-Year Old Self

We asked our team members for their thoughts on what they wish they’d known when they were starting college. Read More

Five Movies Every High Schooler Should See

Five, classic movies that every high school will identify with. Read More

You Know You're a High School Junior if:

24 Tell-tale Signs that you are a Junior in High School Read more

How to Relax over Winter Break

A personal note from our stressed out SAT and Admissions Coordinator Read more

How We Pair Clients and Tutors

What is it that makes Signet unlike any other tutoring company? Read more

How to Use Online Educational Tools

Free online classes are a hot topic in education. Here's how to use them to your advantage! Read more

How to Challenge Your Student

Helpful hints for turning an interest into a useful talent and a passion. Read more

Summer Fun with Physics

How to teach kids basic physics with a bubble pool. Read more

Where Does Signet Volunteer?

An introduction to the various community service initiatives Signet tutors are involved with.  Read more

5 Apps to Boost Your Productivity

Online study and time management tools to help students. Read more

How to Use a Semi-Colon

Often underused, misused, or simply feared, the semi-colon is a versatile punctuation mark that may be employed in two distinct ways. Read more

Do Extracurriculars Matter in College?

A former president of the Harvard Lampoon says they do. Read more

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