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Should You Pursue VIP Letters of Recommendation?

Will letters of recommendation from VIP's increase your likelihood of college acceptance? Learn the truth about VIP recommendation letters. Read More

The Problems with Standardized Testing

Students are under pressure to perform well on standardized tests, but there are concerns about the integrity and effectiveness of the role of standardized tests in college admissions.  Read More

How to Build a College List

Building a strong list is a critical piece of the college process. This post will show you exactly how to do it. Read more

What to Do When You've Been Waitlisted

Helpful dos and don'ts for students navigating the college waitlist. Read more

Dress to Impress: Choosing the Perfect College Interview Outfit

Learn how your clothing choices can help you make a good impression during college interviews. Read more

Tips for a Successful College Visit

Make the most of every college visit with these simple tips. Read more

Tips for Engaging College Admissions Officers

How students can effectively communicate with college admissions officers. Read more

Common Myths About College Admissions

Uncover the truth about the most common college admissions myths. Read more

Voluntourism and the Personal Statement

This post examines the phenomenon of "voluntourism" and whether it can help or harm a student's college applications. Read more

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