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Case Study: Personal Statement

How a Signet student crafted a successful personal statement with the help of an admissions consultant. Read More

Case Study: Student Confidence

How using a tutor can build a student's confidence. Read More

Case Study: Gaps in Learning

A student's story of overcoming her lack of confidence and reaching a deeper level of academic understanding.  Read more

Case Study: Overwhelmed Student

Our experience working with a student who, after years of gliding through school, began struggling. Read more

Case Study: Incomplete Homework

The Signet strategy for getting a smart student to hand his homework in, completed and on time. Read more

Case Study: Ineffective Work Habits

A Signet student does all the work, but doesn't see the results. Read more to find out what we did to help her get back on track. Read more

Case Study: Learning Style Differences

A Signet student's story where a change in teaching style made all of the difference.  Read more

Case Study: International Admissions

International applicants face unique challenges in college admissions. Read more

Case Study: Med-Scholars Program

How one talented student set himself apart.  Read more

Case Study: ISEE preparation

How a Signet tutor coached a sixth grader to admission at a selective private school near Boston. Read more

Case Study: SAT Preparation

A Signet student improves her SAT score by over 100 points. Read more

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