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Case Study: Personal Statement

How a Signet student crafted a successful personal statement with the help of an admissions consultant. Read More

Case Study: Student Confidence

How using a tutor can build a student's confidence. Read More

Case Study: Gaps in Learning

A student's story of overcoming her lack of confidence and reaching a deeper level of academic understanding.  Read more

Case Study: Overwhelmed Student

Our experience working with a student who, after years of gliding through school, began struggling. Read more

Case Study: Incomplete Homework

The Signet strategy for getting a smart student to hand his homework in, completed and on time. Read more

Case Study: Ineffective Work Habits

A Signet student does all the work, but doesn't see the results. Read more to find out what we did to help her get back on track. Read more

Case Study: Learning Style Differences

A Signet student's story where a change in teaching style made all of the difference.  Read more

Case Study: International Admissions

International applicants face unique challenges in college admissions. Read more

Case Study: Med-Scholars Program

How one talented student set himself apart.  Read more

Case Study: ISEE preparation

How a Signet tutor coached a sixth grader to admission at a selective private school near Boston. Read more

Case Study: SAT Preparation

A Signet student improves her SAT score by over 100 points. Read more

Subject Tutoring“J. really enjoys working with all three tutors. Last week his teacher said he finally had an "a ha" moment where things started clicking. I can't speak highly enough about Austin, Lisa or Charles. They are amazing! ”