Does your student need a little push to get back into a rigorous academic mindset before the fall? Have you heard about the "COVID slide," and want to make sure you're ahead of it?

Join us for “Ready, Prep, Go!” an online summer course for ambitious students attending prep school in the fall. Over 4 weeks, your student will learn the tools, skills, and perspectives to succeed in any learning environment, in-school or online.

Ready, Prep, Go! includes:

    • 8 x 2 hour sessions with Signet’s highly-credentialed academic tutors and coaches
    • Personalized instruction, mentorship, and coaching
    • Helpful handouts on each topic that will be useful for future academic endeavors
    • A reading list for further skill building
    • An introduction to the college process from a former Ivy League admissions officer


WEEK 1: July 21 & 23

    • What is Prep School?
    • Setting a Vision for Your Academic Journey
    • Introduction to Critical Thinking

WEEK 2: July 28 & 30

    • Reading Comprehension and Discussion Skills
    • The Writing Process

WEEK 3: August 4 & 6

    • STEM Study and Learning Strategies
    • Balancing Academics, Social Life, and Everything Else

WEEK 4: August 11 & 13

    • Mastering Class Participation and Communication
    • Standing Out and Fitting In

Tuition & Registration

The tuition for this limited opportunity is only $750/student. Registration deadline is July 10, so reserve your spot today! Email or call us at 617-714-5262 to sign up.

We can’t wait to see you there!