Podcast: David Hawkins and Tom Bear: Character in College Admissions

In today’s episode, I sit down with Tom Bear and David Hawkins, and we delve into the significance of character in the college admissions process, the mission of NACAC, and the evolving landscape of higher education. Tune in to explore how character matters more than ever in shaping the future of higher education! TRANSCRIPT Tom […]

Podcast: Chris Davis: Harvard Extension School

In today’s episode, I sit down with Chris Davis, Associate Director of the Career and Academic Resource Center at Harvard Extension School, to explore the innovative programs offered at Harvard Extension, the impact on non-traditional learners, and the future of education in a rapidly evolving world. Tune in to discover the exciting possibilities beyond traditional […]

Podcast: Jenny Meanwell: Using Intuition in Tutoring and in Life

Join me in today’s conversation with Jenny, an archaeologist and material scientist teaching at MIT and tutor at Signet. Discover the insights on following your instincts, fueling curiosity, and crafting your own destiny. Don’t miss out on this exhilarating conversation that promises to inspire and intrigue! TRANSCRIPT Jenny Meanwell: 0:00 But science is often way more […]

Podcast: Patricia Bannan: Burnout

In today’s episode, I sit down with Patricia Bannan, a seasoned wellness expert and author of “From Burnout to Balance”, to explore the intricacies of navigating burnout. Patricia shares her own journey through burnout, distinguishing between stress and burnout while offering practical strategies for building resilience. Join us as we delve into the world of […]

Podcast: Holly Schreiber: Watershed Parent Coaching

In today’s episode, I sit down with my dear friend and colleague, Holly Schreiber, from Watershed Parent Coaching. Together, we delve into strategies for reducing stress during the college application journey—for both your child and yourself! Tune in for practical tips and heartfelt insights that will transform your parenting approach and help your family thrive […]

Podcast: What do you need to know about the digital SAT?

Join me today as I delve into the transition to digital SATs, unravel strategies for choosing between the SAT and ACT, and explore the intricacies of test-optional admissions policies. Tune in for valuable insights and guidance on navigating standardized testing! TRANSCRIPT Sheila Akbar: 0:00 But grades and rigor of the curriculum, the how hard the classes […]

Podcast: College Waitlists, Acceptances, and Strategic Positioning

Join me in today’s episode as I delve into the intricacies of college waitlists. I’ll discuss the purpose behind waitlists and offer actionable advice for waitlisted students on navigating their current acceptances while strategically positioning themselves for potential waitlist admissions. Tune in! TRANSCRIPT Sheila Akbar: 0:00 They had the raw talent and stats to probably get […]

Podcast: Emmaline Cook: Learning for the Sake of Learning

In today’s episode, Signet’s Account Manager Emmaline shares her remarkable journey—from unconventional high school experiences and the complexities of college admissions to a surprising detour into dance during a transformative gap year. Her story is a testament to self-discovery, resilience, and the pursuit of authentic fulfillment. Tune in! Access Signet’s Ultimate Guide to Summer Planning […]

The Ultimate Guide to Summer Planning Course

  ACCESS THE COURSE NOW   Parents know that summer activity planning is important for college admissions. But don’t stress – with the right steps and timely planning, you can make the most of how your teen invests their time in the summer, and strategically choose the right thing for them! Signet Education’s 40-minute Summer […]

Podcast: Samara Bay: Permission to Speak

In today’s episode, I dive into a captivating conversation with Samara Bay, an advocate for embracing individuality and finding power in our unique voices. We explore the transformative impact of authenticity and self-acceptance while uncovering Samara’s upcoming newsletter series, ‘How to Show Up,’ aimed at reshaping power dynamics. Join us for an inspiring discussion! TRANSCRIPT […]

Podcast: Jaime Smith: Transfer & Homeschool Admissions

In today’s episode, I sit down with educational consultant Jamie Smith to explore transfer admissions. Join us as we unravel the opportunities and challenges for non-traditional students, from transfers to homeschoolers. Get ready for insights into the evolving higher education landscape and its impact on admissions. Don’t miss this conversation about fostering diversity on campuses […]

Podcast: Urvashi Bhatnagar: Why Cross-Functional Learning is Essential for Success

This week, I sit down with scholar, author, leader, and mom Urvashi Bhatnagar to talk about her educational journey and the importance of learning skills and knowledge from outside your career silo. TRANSCRIPT Urvashi Bhatnagar: 0:00 I think we need to recognize that careers are a journey. And they will most likely not retire in the […]

Podcast: Marie Bigham: Equity and Access in College Admissions

Marie Bigham, Founder & Executive Director of ACCEPT, joins to talk with us about issues of equity and access in college admissions, and the work that her non-profit has undertaken to make the system work better for everyone. TRANSCRIPT Marie Bigham: 0:00 So we’ve built this entire mythology, including put up these false barriers that create […]

To Test or Not To Test?

To Test or Not To Test

One of the less visible changes that the 2020 pandemic brought us was the shift to “test optional” policies at many schools across the US.  Nearly 2,000 schools have now instituted this policy based not only on the lack of ability to test during lockdown, but on research showing standardized test scores do not offer […]