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Webinar: Academic Excellence Without Burnout

Wednesday, April 24, 5pm ET 

Help your kid develop the executive functions that colleges need to see in your child – without nagging or ruining the relationship.

I meet so many high-achieving kids who are quietly on the path to burnout. Their parents may not even see a problem. After all, their report cards are good! 

They figure it’s normal for high-schoolers to be:

 – Frequently crunched for time, and too busy to talk about long term goals (like college)

 – Letting certain things slip through the cracks, and brushing it off 

 – Irritable when asked for help or interrupted from their work 

While a little stress is part of life, academic excellence shouldn’t come at the cost of your child’s wellbeing. 

If your child is struggling, It’s not that they aren’t smart or hard-working enough. Schools aren’t teaching kids the most important skill set of them all: executive functions. 

Academic wellbeing is directly tied to your child’s executive functions, the skill set that enables your child to thrive in the midst of rigor. 

Colleges want to admit students who can:

  • Handle challenging classes and demanding professors who expect a lot from students
  • Keep up with their peers who are the best from their communities 
  • Avoid letting burnout stand in the way of their goals


If your kid relies on you to stay on top of everything, and you’re tired of nagging, join us to learn how we help your kid achieve more while sweating less. 

My colleague Andy, an expert academic coach, and I will share strategies that parents can immediately use to help their kids without taking on their work, damaging their relationship, or making your kid feel shame when they are struggling.