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The College Essay Masterclass: Proven Strategies to Stand Out and Survive the Process

College admissions officers can spot a parent’s writing structure, inauthentic narratives, and cliché sports tales a mile away. It’s a surefire way to go to the NO pile. 

In a sea of the same – high marks, achievements, extracurriculars – the number one thing that admissions officers are trying to sniff out is authenticity and sincerity. 

Highly selective colleges are REALLY looking for self-reflection, personal growth, emotional maturity, self awareness, depth of character, and a unique perspective that will enrich their campus community. 

This makes the college essay the most powerful tool your student has to stand out in the admissions process!

And — It’s how students with less than perfect academics get admission to top schools and scholarships.

In our game-changing webinar, you’ll discover:

  • Insider strategies to make your student’s essay an undeniable standout in the admissions pile
  • The logistics – Practical starting points, timing to aim for in drafts and final version, and managing revisions
  • Stories of students who dared to dig deep, to explore the experiences and insights that have shaped them most. They find the thread through their interests, passions, and where they shine.

Who should attend:

Parents of High School Sophomores and Juniors, and those interested in knowing what to expect of the essay process!

Our Speakers:

  • Sheila Akbar, PhD – Signet President & CEO
  • Joanna Graham – Signet Admissions Counselor
  • Satia Marotta, PhD – Signet Writing Specialist
  • Jasper Nighthawk, MFA – Signet Writing Specialist


P.S. Click below to get exclusive access to the webinar replay and bonus resources. 

Selective College Admissions: What Really Matters, and How to Build Your Strategy

In today’s competitive climate, perfect scores and flawless GPA say little about your student. Neither does a haphazard list of extracurriculars with no rhyme or reason beyond trying to “look good” on paper.

Selective colleges recognize and reward your child’s efforts when those grades and extracurriculars fit underneath what makes them REMARKABLE.Your child’s college admissions strategy should tie together:

  • Their interests, choices, ambitions, hobbies
  • Evidence of their capability to handle rigor and independence
  • Their shared values with colleges that will serve their broader goals for life

The story your teen’s application tells needs to be authentic, clear, and compelling. And it all starts with empowering them with confidence and self-awareness.

You know your kid is full of potential, and our approach ensures that not only will the right colleges see and act on it, but your child will, too.

In this free 60 minute session, I’ll share the insights you need to know about admissions strategy for your high potential student, how to avoid roadblocks and pitfalls, and how to keep your relationship intact as you usher them into the next phase of their lives.

Academic Excellence Without Burnout

Help your kid develop the executive functions that colleges need to see in your child – without nagging or ruining the relationship.

If your kid relies on you to stay on top of everything, and you’re tired of nagging, join us to learn how we help your kid achieve more while sweating less. 

My colleague Andy, an expert academic coach, and I will share strategies that parents can immediately use to help their kids without taking on their work, damaging their relationship, or making your kid feel shame when they are struggling.